English Phonemes for some German words

GER words – ENG phonemes
Vocaloid Leon

mich (me) = m i: tS
mir (me) = m i: r
bin (am) = b i: n
ich (I) = i: tS
ist (is) = i: s t
guten (good) = g u: + t eI n
morgen (morning) = m O: r + g eI n
sonne (sun) = s O: n + n @
mond (moon) = m O: n d
der (mas. the) = d @r
die (fem. the) = d i:
das (neut. the) = d V s
wir (we) = v i: r
haus (house) = (?) h Q + u: s
Ohr (ear) = O: r
Zeit (time) = z eI t
lied (song) = l i: d
Tür (door) = t U r
ja (yes) = j a
nein (no) = n aI n
ein (one) = aI n
zwei (two) = z @ + w aI
drei (three) = d r aI
vier (four) = f i: r
fünf (five) = f u: n f
sechs (six) = s eI k s
sieben (seven) = s i: + b eIn
acht (eight) = @ k t
neun (nine) = n aI n
zehn (ten) = z eI n
neue (new) = n aI + V

Vocaloid Leon – Japanese to English



Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShME3ZHD5Q0

Japanese = English
(Vocaloid Leon)

Hiragana (Romaji) = ENG phonemes

あ (a) = V
い (i) = i:
う (u) = u:
え (e) = eI
お (o) = O:

か (ka) = k V
き (ki) = k i:
く (ku) = k u:
け (ke) = k eI
こ (ko) = k O:

が (ga) = g @
ぎ (gi) = g I:
ぐ (gu) = g u:
げ (ge) = g eI
ご (go) = g O:

さ (sa) = s V
し (shi) = S i:
す (su) = s u:
せ (se) = s eI
そ (so) = s O:

ざ (za) = z V
じ (ji) = dZ i:
ず (zu) = z u:
ぜ (ze) = z eI
ぞ (zo) = z O:

た (ta) = t @
ち (chi) = tS i:
つ (tsu) = t s u:
て (te) = t eI
と (to) = t O:

だ (da) = d @
ぢ (dji) = dZ i:
づ (dzu) = t z u:
で (de) = d eI
ど (do) = d O:

な (na) = N V
に (ni) = n i:
ぬ (nu) = n u:
ね (ne) = n eI
の (no) = n O:

は (ha) = h V
ひ (hi) = h i:
ふ (fu) = f u:
へ (he) = h eI
ほ (ho) = h O:

ば (ba) = b @
び (bi) = b i:
ぶ (bu) = b u:
べ (be) = b eI
ぼ (bo) = b O:

ぱ (pa) = p @
ぴ (pi) = p i:
ぷ (pu) = p u:
ぺ (pe) = p eI
ぽ (po) = p O:

ま (ma) = m @
み (mi) = m i:
む (mu) = m u:
め (me) = m eI
も (mo) = m O:

ら (ra) = r V
り (ri) = r i:
る (ru) = r U
れ (re) = r eI
ろ (ro) = r O:

や (ya) = j @
ゆ (yu) = j u:
よ (yo) = j O:

わ (wa) = w @
を (wo) = w O:

ん (n) = … n

きゃ (kya) = k i: + j V
きゅ (kyu) = k i: + j u:
きょ (kyo) = k i: + j O:

ぎゃ (gya) = g i: + j V
ぎゅ (gyu) = g i: + j u:
ぎょ (gyo) = g i: + j O:

しゃ (sha) = S i: + j V or S V
しゅ (shu) = S i: + j u: or S u:
しょ (sho) = S i: + j u: or S O:

じゃ (ja) = dZ @
じゅ (ju) = dZ u:
じょ (jo) = dZ O:

ちゃ (cha) = tS @
ちゅ (chu) = tS u:
ちょ (cho) = tS O:

にゃ (nya) =
にゅ (nyu) =
にょ (nyo) =

みゃ (mya) =
みゅ (myu) =
みょ (myo) =

ひゃ (hya) =
ひゅ (hyu) =
ひょ (hyo) =

びゃ (bya) =
びゅ (byu) =
びょ (byo) =

ぴゃ (pya) =
ぴゅ (pyu) =
ぴょ (pyo) =

りゃ (rya) =
りゅ (ryu) =
りょ (ryo) =

(WIP) Unknown=1-43-67 Song + Lyrics



YT Instrumental Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvMYNGf1dKE

NND Instrumental Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20909850


Title: Unknown: Suria of the Slow

タイトル:不明:遅いのスリア (Fumei: Osoi no SURIA)

Singer: ????


Composition: Aoharu


Music: Aoharu


Lyrics: Aoharu


Tuning: Aoharu


Picture: Aoharu


Picture Link: http://aoharu.deviantart.com/art/Spielen-in-der-Dunkelheit-178085043

PV: ????

Language: Japanese


Programs: Soundation, UTAU, Vocaloid ???

プログラム:SoundationとUTAUとVocaloid ???


A4/D4 & C4



Title: Unknown: Suria of the Slow

不明:遅いのスリア (Fumei: Osoi no SURIA)

Singer: ???

Language: Japanese

Lyrics by: Aoharu


白い、白い、白い (Shiroi, Shiroi, Shiroi) White, White, White

白い兎を話す。(Shiroi Usagi wo Hanasu.) To Speak the White Rabbit.

言葉が言って。言葉が言って。言葉が言って。(Kotoba ga Itte. Kotoba ga Itte. Kotoba ga Itte.) Say Words. Say Words. Say Words.

死の国の中で、薔薇が咲いた。(Shi no Kuni no Naka de, Bara ga Saita.) In the Country of Death, the Roses Bloomed.

非現実的物語 (Higenjitsuteki Monogatari) Unrealistic Story

熊は食べています。(Kuma wa Tabeteimasu.) The Bear is Eating.

大きい猫 (Ookii Neko) Big Cat

色、色、色 (Iro, Iro, Iro) Colors, Colors, Colors

色が絶叫しています。(Iro ga Zekkyo Shiteimasu.) The Colors are Screaming.

愛、アンラッピング、は此処ではありません。(Ai, ANRAPPINGU, wa Koko Dewaarimasen.) Love, Unwrapping, is Not Here.

今、待っています。(Ima, Matteimasu.) Now, Waiting.

長い脚と長い首 (Nagai Ashi to Nagai Kubi) Long Feet and Long Neck

判る?判る?判る?ワカラカ。。。(Wakaru? Wakaru? Wakaru? WAKARAKU…) Do You Understand? Do You Understand? Do You Understand? WAKARAKU…

きれいで恐い英語映画 (Kirei de Kowai Eigo Eiga) Pretty and Scary English Movie

キラキラ、ピカピカ、グルグル、来る (Kirakira, Pikapika, Guruguru, Kuru) Shinyshiny, Sparklelysparklely, Spinningspinning, To Come

顔は音がありません。(Kao wa Oto ga Arimasen.) The Face Does Not Have Sound.

変キッスの祈り (Hen KISSU no Inori) The Prayer of a Strange Kiss

若い人、古い悪魔 (Wakai Hito, Furui Akuma) The Young Person, the Old Demon

若い人の悪魔 (Wakai Hito no Akuma) The Demon of a Young Person

混乱 (Konran) A Mess

楽しくて元気心 (Tanoshi kute Genki Kokoro) A Fun and Healthy Heart

ワカ、クル、マカ、グル (WAKA, Kuru, MAKA, Guru) WAKA, Spinning, MAKA, Spinning

来る、来る、来る、来る、来る (Kuru, Kuru, Kuru, Kuru, Kuru) To Come, To Come, To Come, To Come, To Come…

言葉を判りますか。(Kotoba wo Wakarimasu ka?) Do You Understand the Words?


Aoharu ft. Megpoid Gumi English – Good Morning, Sun. (Original Lyrics) + (WIP)

Aoharu ft. Megpoid Gumi English – Good Morning, Sun. (Original Lyrics) + (WIP)

WIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qN-gZ2QHQ8

NND: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20910835


Title: Good Morning, Sun.
Singer: Megpoid Gumi
Language: English
Lyrics by: Aoharu

Picture drawn by Aoharu

Good Morning, Sun.
(The moon…)
Good Morning, Sun.
(The moon…)
How are you today?
(Today, Today, Yesterday…)

Did you sleep well?
(Dreams are nothing.)
Did you eat already?
(Was that there?)
Did you face yesterday?
(Will I face today?)

Is today the day?
How about tomorrow?
I can assure you, it was not yesterday.

What was yesterday?
What will be of today?
How is it here already?
Did you ask the moon?
How is the moon?

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…
Tomorrow, Today and Yesterday…

They all mean the same thing.
Nothing is forever.
Nothing will remain forever.

Existing and non existing,
are but reverse of each other.
One coin, two coins…
but yet no coins at all…

Will I face today?
Did I face yesterday?
But, tomorrow will not face me…

But, tomorrow will not face me…

The bond that strengthens them…
can also lose them.

Because of that, they won’t face me.
And, I’m too scared to face them.
Are you here still?

Good Morning, Sun.
Good Morning, Sun.
The Sun speaks to me, and only me.

Good Night, Moon.
Good Night, Moon.
I try to speak to him, but I do not understand him.

Good Morning, Sun.
Are you shining brightly after the great war?
Good Night, Moon.
Will you gleam ever again in the night?

Yesterday, Today, and Yesterday… (x2)
Will we ever face each other again?



I got bored, very bored.
So, here I am, waiting for English Gumi to download so I can test out her trial version, which is taking forever. yay. I decided to make an English song for her. These lyrics are really weird, but that’s why I love them. I got a phrase in my head, Good morning, sun. Well… it’s was suppose to be actually cuter, instead it came out all surrealistic and stuff. Either I wrote this because I was annoyed that I haven’t written/posted a songon dA in 2 weeks. So, wa-la.

[Original Lyrics & Music] V2 Vocaloid Kaai Yuki Acapella – Apple

[Original Lyrics & Music] V2 Vocaloid Kaai Yuki Acapella – Apple

[オリジナル曲・オリジナル歌詞] V2 ボーカロイド 歌愛ユキ アカペラ「りんご」




りんご りんご
Ringo Ringo
Apple Apple

~Aaaa Aaaa Aa Aa Aaaa~ part

Ichiban takai jinseino kino eda kara,
From the highest branch of the tree of life,

Sono ringowa watashino ringo desuyo.
That apple is my apple.




Vocaloid Kaai Yuki Original Lyrics – Ant

Title: Ant (アリ – Ari)
Singer: Vocaloid Kaai Yuki (歌愛ユキ)
Lang: Japanese (日本語 – Nihongo)
By: Aoharu (アオハル)

*** ENG:

am small.
I know.

my heart.

is tall.
trees are.

am small.
I know.

Do not talk
about my size please.

are beautiful.”
don’t believe you.

I understand.
am beautiful.

am beautiful.
I know.

The world
is a beautiful place.
Short people and
Tall people
are here.
all very beautiful.

am small.
I know.
I also
am very beautiful.
We all are.
Short and Tall people.

*** JPN:

私は (Watashiwa)
小さいです。(chiisai desu.)
悲しいです (Kanashii desu)

絶望は (Zetsubouwa)
私の (watashino)
心から (kokoro kara)

みなさんは (Minasanwa)
せが高いです。(sega takai desu.)
木のよう (Ki no you)

私は (Watashiwa)
小さいです。(chiisai desu.)
悲しいです (Kanashii desu)

わかりますか。(Wakarimasu ka?)

「あなたは (Anatawa)
美しいです。」 (utsukushii desu.)
私は (Watashiwa)
あなたを (anatawo)
しんじないです。(shinjinai desu.)

でも、(Demo, )
いま、(Ima, )
私は (Watashiwa)
美しいですよ。(utsukushii desuyo.)

私は (Watashiwa)
美しいです。(utsukushii desu.)
素晴らしいです、(Subarashii desu, )

せかいは (Sekaiwa)
美しい (utsukushii)
ばしょです。(basho desu.)
ここで、(Kokode, )
短い人と (sega mijikai hito to)
高い人が (sega takai hito ga)

すべての (Subeteno)
とても (totemo)
美しいです。(utsukushii desu.)

私は (Watashiwa)
小さいです。(chiisai desu.)
でも、(Demo, )
私も (watashimo)
とても (totemo)
美しいです。(utsukushii desu.)
私たちは (Watashitachiwa)
すべての (subeteno)
せが短い人と (Sega mijikai hito to)
せが高い人。(sega takai hito.)

I translated the lyrics myself. There’s a couple parts I’m unsure about tho…

dA: http://aoharu.deviantart.com/art/Ant-Original-Kaai-Yuki-Lyrics-332130827

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The Umbrella Original Lyrics

Title: The Umbrella (Kasa)
Main Vocals: SeeU & Yuzuki Yukari
BG Vocals: Gumi/Megurine Luka/Oliver
Language: Japanese
Lyrics by: Aoharu


Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to
Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa
Para para…… Para para…… Para para


The rain falls from the sky in little drops.
When it comes closer, we’ll see it.
When it’s here, we’ll feel it.
It’s always raining in some people’s worlds, and others will usually just ignore it.
But what will you do when you have no shelter?

Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter.

The rain falls along with the small bubbles of air.
Those little bubbles of air, often, are enjoyable.
With such force, it is harder not to notice now.
The rain doesn’t stop until it stops.
You can’t control, it’s nature.
Sometimes in, sometimes out…

S: “Rain falls, and falls… It can’t be blamed, because of it’s nature.
Y: One day, all the rain will stop being squeezed out of the clouds, and will never be here again.
B: Only then, will you find out the truth of life.”

Pouring, Pouring, the drops are new,
But the weather is the same old, same old…
It changes and moves away, But it still stays…
Usually happens with a warm front, the rain
Low pressure is usually the cause, but not this time
(Not this time) Low pressure is the rarity.

Change. Problem. Change. Problem. Change. Problem.

It happens to everyone (your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your best friend, that classmate)
It comes and goes, waning and waxing, thin then thick
The rain can erode the earth and yet help the corn grow…
It depends on the plant, and the rain’s purpose and temperature.
Never underestimate the rain…
The rain can be powerful… whether for good or bad.

One day, that day will come where everything ends
Only then, will the rain end also…
Not for everyone at once, sometimes only one, but usually a group of people unrelated.

Maybe one day we will see… All the rain that everyone has collected…

When the rain is sideways, we don’t always see it head on…


Song Title: The Umbrella
Singers: SeeU & Yuzuki Yukari
BG Singers: Megpoid Gumi & Megurine Luka & Oliver
Language: Japanese
Lyrics by: Aoharu
Music & Vocals: Hakei & Vocaloids
Compostion: Aoharu & Hakei
PV: anitehfoxgerbil

曲の名前: 傘 (かさ)
歌手: シユ/結月ゆかり
背景歌手: グミ/巡音ルカ/オリバー
音楽&ボーカル: Hakei & Vocaloids
作曲: Aoharu & Hakei
曲: Aoharu
PV: anitehfoxgerbil

It’s an acapella-ish song. Hakei is going to make/use her Vocaloids for me! This song can have a simple meaning and a deep one. This was a random brain idea/plot bunny. I was just randomly writing some lyrics down that came into my head. Then the more I write, the more cryptically it came. At least, to me. … Not sure what else.

*I’m still learning Japanese. 3rd year, baby! :3
*Pitter Patter in Japanese is “para para”.
* “ko-to” (コート) is coat in Japanese. In this song, it’s supposed to be taken as “raincoat” or “slicker”. Ko-to, since it was shorter, it sounded better.
* “Kasa” (かさ or 傘) means Umbrella in Japanese.
* “jhfkldhkf” means to will sound distorted (aka radio effect).
*(fdigfkdjhgkhf) means in BG, and/or as echo. In this song, SeeU will echo Yukari and vice versa.
*This song is very cryptic and deep… (at least, I think it is.)
*I prefer if someone asks questions, rather than I just give you answers. Unless it’s very basic…
*When the lyrics video/PV is made, I’ll put up the Japanese/Korean translations.

dA: http://aoharu.deviantart.com/art/The-Umbrella-Original-Song-Lyrics-326182143

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Can’t SeeU Original Lyrics

Title: Can’t SeeU
Singer: SeeU
Language: Korean
Lyrics by: Aoharu

Where are you? (I can’t find you… ) x2

Maybe you’re here, maybe you’re there…
You’re everywhere in my mind, yet you’re nowhere to be found.
Maybe you’ll come back to me one day

Maybe I’ll find you again… someday.

Once. We. Were. Together. It. was. Bliss~.
Our. Relationship. Was. a. Beautiful. thing~.
Now. You’re. Not. Here~.
Where. Did. You. Go~?

I remember that spring, we had such a wonderful time.
But, now no more springs come.
The flowers whtither and die.

Where are you? (I can’t find you…) x3

I cry tears but ears of time don’t hear them
Even worse, they can’t reach you through the sands of time
So, they became meaningless….

Where are you? (x8)


Come on!
I search everywhere,
I look everywhere,
I yell for you
I scream for you

“Frustration is raising…
More ANGER is coming…
I can’t stop this…
It’s overwhelming…
This very powerful feeling…
is toxicating.
I’m drowning, drowning, drowning, drowning…

Drowning in your absence, in my anger, in my sadness, in your coldness…

But I can’t be mad… mad at all.
Not even to you… It’s not your fault.
There’s really nothing for me to be mad at…
You just dissappeared…
From your life, From your family, From your friends, From me especially…
All your future is gone…
Erase permantly…
And, If it tries to come back, it will never stick.

I guess…
You’ll never be back…
That doesn’t mean I won’t miss you.
You’ll still be my best mermory…
suppose this is good bye.


Song Title: Can’t SeeU (Can’t See You)
Singers: SeeU
Language: Korean
Lyrics by: Aoharu
Music & Vocals: Hinaichigoandme & Vocaloids
Compostion: Aoharu & Hinaichigoandme
PV: ?

曲の名前: あなたをみできません
歌手: シユ/시유
音楽&ボーカル:Hinaichigoandme & Vocaloids
作曲: Aoharu & Hinaichigoandme
曲: Aoharu

This song is about a lover who has gone away for whatever reason. This song is quite sad and emo, but it is a love song. Just a sad one. Not sure what else…. Update later….

*Not sure what the Korean Info would be….
*If you wanna make a PV for this song, contract me thru dA. Thank you!
*I’m still learning Japanese. 3rd year, baby! :3
* “jhfkldhkf” means to will sound distorted (aka radio effect).
*(fdigfkdjhgkhf) means in BG, and/or as echo.
*I prefer if someone asks questions, rather than I just give you answers. Unless it’s very basic…
*When the lyrics video/PV is made, I’ll put up the Japanese/Korean translations.

dA: http://aoharu.deviantart.com/art/Can-t-SeeU-Original-Song-Lyrics-326286846

YT: -Not Here Yet.-


Title: The Flower Song (花の歌 – Hana no Uta)
UTAU Original (UTAU オリジナル)
Vocals: 重音テト/キュリ/唄音ウタ (デフォ子)
(Kasane Teto & Kyuri & Utane Uta (Defoko))
Language: Japanese (日本語 – Nihongo)
Lyrics by: Aoharu (アオハル)


It’s time.
Little Flowers

In the springtime,
please bloom.
Quickly, quickly
Lots of pretty flowers
I like you.

Dandelion and Camellia
A lot
In Japan
One Flower, Two Flowers
Wisteria, Plum, Orchid
Morning Glory, Violet
Cherry Blossom, Peony
Iris, Iris
Daffodil, Lily
Lily of the Valley, Lily
Round, Round
Rose, Peach
Sparkling and happy
Sunflowers, Daises

Springtime’s fantasy
In Spring,
Love does not die.
Spring is here.
In full bloom


ああっ。。。 (Aa…)
時間ですよ。 (Jikan desu yo.)
小さい花 (Chiisai Hana)

春に, (Haru ni,)
咲いてください。 (Saitekudasai.)
はやく、はやく (Hayaku, Hayaku)
たくさんきれい花 (Takusan kirei Hana)
あじさい (Ajisai)
私はあなたが好きです。 (Watashiwa anataga

たんぽぽ と つばき (Tanpopo to tsubaki)
たくさん (Takusan)
きく (Kiku)
日本には (Nihon niwa)
ひとつの花、ふたつの花 (Hitotsu no Hana, Futatsu
no Hana)
ふじ、らん と うめ (Fuji, Ran to, Ume)
むらさき (Murasaki)
あさがお、すみれ (Asagao, Sumire)
ももいろ (Momoiro)
さくら、ぼたん (Sakura, Botan)
ひとみ (Hitomi)
しょうぶ、あやめ (Shoubu, Ayame)
水 (Mizu)
すいせん、すいれん (Suisen, Suiren)
すずらん、ゆり (Suzuran, Yuri)
まる、まる (Maru, Maru)
ばら、もも (Bara, Momo)
うれしくてキラキラ (Ureshikute kirakira)
ひまわり、ひなぎく (Himawari, Hinagiku)

春の空想 (Haru no Kuusou)
春に、 (Haru ni)
愛は死にません。(Ai wa shinimasen.)
春はここです。(Haru wa koko desu.)
満開で (Mankai de)

dA: http://aoharu.deviantart.com/art/The-Flower-Song-343087365

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The Flower Song (Original Lyrics)